Company Overview

Embark Global Education & Migration Service is globally recognized for its excellent services on Education & Migration. It’s one of the world's fastest-growing and the best educational and migration consulting firms that has begun its adventure with a group of devoted, versatile, adaptable and the best qualified experts using cutting-edge technology to provide services of international students and immigrants with access to the finest quality education and a comprehensive array of critical services.

"Quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment. It has to be the fabric of the organization, not part of the fabric. - Phil Cosby"

Embark Global is one of the leading innovative International Education and Migration Services providers in the global market. We help international students access the highest quality education from the best educational institutions in the most developed countries in the world while ensuring a safe, comfortable, and exciting experience.

Our expert teams in our many offices around the world are dedicated to providing the highest quality immigration assistance and advice based on their knowledge and familiarity with migration law, application procedures and requirements, culture, and educational institutions of your destination.

Our counselors will investigate and recommend courses and careers relevant to your ambitions based on your background, skills, and aptitude. We transform dreams to study and live overseas into a successful international career and prosperous personal development.

Why Embark Global:

Embark Global Education & Migration Service is the only reliable consulting firm where you will feel secured, trust and professionalism. You will get all your solutions here by our highly qualified and the world’s best experts.

We offer our services with intensive commitment by our certified advisors and well experienced instructors who are goal oriented and intending to support our students to attain their desired goals.

Actually, we care everyone’s dream. To ensure maximum benefits for the students we care and provide counselling individually by the highly experienced, qualified and inspired Counselor’s to the best fits for the students across the world.

Our company contains worldwide links and network that has credibility in Australia, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. We collaborate to ensure that our students have a brighter future.

Embark Global Education & Migration Service believes that everyone is the part of our family and we work together for better future for our students.

If you want to study and work overseas, or already are, Embark Global is here for you.