Professional Year Program

Job readiness, often known as the professional year, is an educational program for increasing a student's skills and career development that is intended to assist students to be ready for the workforce in Australia.

PY is an organized course that gives prospective students enough hands-on experience and presents them with a potential career path.

The Professional Year is a structured career development program designed to increase a student's ability to obtain employment in their field of study by integrating technical skills and knowledge into the market and society.

Embark Global’s support for you extends beyond the completion of their studies. We want to help you become the international citizen you wish to be and will provide you with assistance to continue your career and life overseas after you graduate.

Australia’s Professional Year Program provides a structured professional development program combining formal study and workplace experience for international graduates in Australian universities in the fields of accounting, computer science, and engineering (or some closely related areas).

This Department of Home Affairs-approved 44-week (minimum) program will help you accomplish your professional objectives and overcome barriers to employment. You will improve your job prospects by earning the information, skills, and work experience that companies seek. By the completion of the program, you will have learned:

● Comprehend the Australian labor market and workplace culture
● Learn how to interact successfully and professionally with coworkers, bosses, and customers in the workplace.
● Acquire significant job experience by participating in an internship that exposes you to Australian work practices
● Be able to apply for additional migration points in support of your application for Australian permanent residency

What you must do to apply for a professional year in Australia is as follows:
● Choose a curriculum based on your interests and professional objectives.
● Based on the course and program you select, determine your eligibility.
● Keep track of program costs because they vary regularly.
● You will require the following documents:
○ Your curriculum vitae/resumé
○ A copy of your passport that has been certified.
○ The application form.
○ Documentation showing the validity of your visa.
○ a copy of your IELTS certificate (certified language proficiency).
○ Academic certification and other documentation
○ An evaluation by an assessing body related to your skill level (For Accounting and Engineering only).
Team Embark Global is eagerly awaiting to help you throughout the whole process.

Such programs are useful for students wishing to apply for permanent residency in Australia, as they contribute points towards the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) ‘points test’ for visa applications