Partner Visa

In Australia, a partner visa is referred to as a spouse visa. Either the applicant must be an eligible New Zealand citizen or an Australian permanent resident in order to apply for citizenship through the Australian spouse. Also known as a spouse visa in Australia. A permanent resident is allowed to apply for a partner visa in australia.

Applying for an Australian spouse visa will allow you to bring your partner with you if you are married or in a committed relationship.

Duration of the Partner Visa:
It will be difficult to pinpoint a specific number even if there are several spouse visa variations with various conditions and no predetermined expiration. After two years of cohabitation in Australia with their spouse, the holder of a partner visa for that country who is seeking a provisional visa will be eligible to reassess their application. At the end of the first 24 months of a provisional partner visa, the immigration authorities assess the application again to see if the applicant still qualifies for an Australian permanent partner visa.

Only a real relationship between the two people will allow for this to happen. If by chance, the couple separates or gets divorced, it is conceivable that the non-resident will be deported and that the temporary visa won't be extended.

Once they have been granted permanent partner visas, the person is not required to continue their connection with their sponsor.

Visa requirements for partners:
● The primary prerequisites for an Australian Spouse Visa are long-term and committed connections.
● You share a permanent residence with your spouse.
● The previous 12 months must have been spent in a marital relationship.
● The character and health requirements must be met by both couples.