Other Type Visa

Training Visa:
By holding a training visa, one can get their desired professional training in Australia.

This visa's objective is to give you the chance to take part in professional development programs in Australia or workplace-based occupational training activities to enhance your abilities for your employment, the field of tertiary education, and your area of expertise.

Temporary visas Holders presently working or capable of employment in essential areas may be eligible for a Temporary Activity (subclass 408 Australian Government Endorsed Event (AGEE) stream) visa.

Individuals who want to become proficient in their area, gain experience in Australia, or further, their professional growth can now apply for a training visa subclass 407. In most circumstances, the visa is only valid for two years. An applicant must only do work-related training in Australia to satisfy occupational registration or permission requirements, increase abilities within their field, or acquire foreign experience to qualify for a training visa 407.

While the visa is still in effect, you are permitted to make as many trips to and from Australia as you choose. You may add family members to your application.

Subclass 407 Visa Conditions:
The candidate must closely follow the conditions of Visa Subclass 407 in order to have a chance of being accepted. The application may be rejected if the prerequisites are not met. Applicants must strictly adhere to a number of subclass 407 visa requirements, including:

● You must be at least 18 years old to apply.
● Sponsors of temporary activities must propose candidates.
● Applicants must get comprehensive travel insurance coverage.
● There should be official documentation proving passing the "Functional English" exams.
● The applicant must be in good moral and physical condition.

Care Visa:
Care visa refers to visas for care who are staying in Australia to take care of someone who has had medical emergencies for a long time.

This permanent visa allows you to migrate to Australia to care for someone who has a chronic medical condition. They must not have reasonable access to care options in Australia.

What you can do with this visa:

● Migrate to Australia or remain there permanently
● Work and study in Australia
● Travel for five years to and from Australia

Subclass 116(Offshore):
● Be outside of Australia at the time of application
● For your first two years in Australia, be sponsored by a relative or their partner.
● Take care of a family member who resides with them and has no reasonable access to care choices in Australia.

Subclass 836(Onshore):
● Be inside Australia at the time of application
● Be sponsored by an eligible sponsor
● Take care of a family member who resides with them and has no reasonable access to care choices in Australia.

Protection Visa:
Because of prosecution, violation, and war, other country's citizens have to migrate from their home country to Australia. The Australian government allows them to have protection visas in some of these cases.

People who have been compelled to leave their native nations due to persecution, war, or violence are considered refugees.

The term "refugee" refers to a person who has been compelled to leave their native country due to persecution, war, or violence for one or more of the following reasons:
● Race
● Religion
● Nationality
● Political opinion
● Membership of a particular social group

Protection Visa Requirements:
● Engage in Australia's protection obligations (or be a member of the same family unit as someone who does)
● Have arrived in Australia legally on a valid visa
● Fulfill all other visa conditions, including health, character, and security

You can apply for this visa if you fear persecution or serious harm in your home country, regardless of whether you traveled via Australia's border, were refused immigration clearance or entered illegally.