Family/Parent Visa

Family Visa

This visa allows people to enter and stay in Australia with their families for a fixed amount of time.

This visa is often given by the local government and functions as a short-term authorization that permits you to visit the nation for a specific amount of time. Normal family visas seldom result in permanent residence. You could also be eligible for it if you have close family abroad, such as a spouse or children.

Parent Visa

A parent must have a kid or children, be eligible for a Parent visa, and be either Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens. The kid already living in Australia must sponsor their family's immigration to Australia under this family visa category.

Parent visas for Australia are available to working and elderly parents. Those who choose this visa option for immigration may be able to obtain jobs in Australia. The temporary settlement visas for parents that are initially provided can be changed to permanent ones based on your application. A "Contributory Parent Visa" option guarantees faster immigration processing at a greater fee.

Parent Visas are only granted by the Australian immigration authorities on a very irregular basis. As a result, there is a backlog of applications that need to be handled.

Partner Category Visa:

Those who fall under this category are eligible to come to Australia and reside there with their spouses or fiancées. With this visa, immigrants can first remain in this nation for a brief period of time before converting to permanent residents after a few years. The following partner categories are included: ● Spouses or married couples
● A companion who is engaged or engaged to be married.
● A willing accomplice, preferably of the same gender
● An immigrant's spouse must be a permanent resident of Australia.
● Either an eligible citizen of New Zealand or Australia.

Child Visa:
Like Parent Visas, Child Visas are broken down into a number of subcategories. A parent who sponsors a child visa must be either continuously residing in Australia, an Australian citizen, or an Australian citizen who meets the requirements to become a citizen of New Zealand.

The child might arrive as a dependent child, an orphaned relative, or a permanent resident of Australia. An offshore candidate may be granted a dependent child visa if they are a dependent child, an adopted child, or an orphaned relative.

Other Family Members:
Siblings, dependent relatives, and guardians may also be given temporary visas, with the option to convert them to permanent visas later on. In order to sponsor a family visa in Australia, a person must be an eligible citizen of either Australia, a resident of Australia, or a country that accepts New Zealanders as citizens.